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Lancia Auto UG: Parts Ersatzteile Ricambi
Lancia Auto UG: Parts Ersatzteile Ricambi
Lancia Auto UG: Parts Ersatzteile Ricambi   Lancia Fulvia GTE... the remaining mysteries Lancia Auto UG / Parts / Ersatzteile / Ricambi
Lancia Auto UG / Parts / Ersatzteile / Ricambi
After 20 years I have finally embarked on fitting the correct engine into out GTE which we originally got without an engine, and which ran on an S2 engine for all that time. Trying to fit the original S1 engine I have a strange problem, which despite 30 years of Fulvia experience and all the books at hand I cant solve.
I will try to illustrate the issue as clearly as possible in pictures and kindly ask for your attention:
The car still has the original gearbox with is an 818.310
Lancia Fulvia GTE
It is fitted with this input shaft: 2253212
Lancia Fulvia gearbox shaft
now this shaft has a 9mm ending ( correct for an S1 car ) but the splint is somewhere in between the S1 coarse splint and the S2 fine splint.
However, there is a clutch plate that fits on that splint:
1729016  FICHTEL&SACHS 186.130.4001
Lancia Fulvia clutch
There is only one thing that worries me, that the original TAK label said Flavia 815
however on lalancias website we find:
Lancia Fulvia Berlina GTE 1.3 with trans code 818-310 clutch disk
Lancia Fulvia clutch
which seems to have the same splint and is in fact marked for the GTE.
Now, if we try to fit this clutch plate into the S1 dished flywheel: 1108379
Lancia Fulvia flywheel
We find that it will not fit as the dish is not deep enough.
OK no problem, we use the later S2 flywheel: 1107635
with the Fiat type valeo clutch:
Lancia Fulvia flywheel
Now that all fits nice and fine, so we go,put it on the engine, but now we find:
The starter BOSCH 2195304
Lancia Fulvia starter motor
is not fitting on the ring gear, as only the DUCELLIER starter 2269253
Lancia Fulvia starter motor
will fit.
This however will require to change the backing plate of the engine .
Lancia Fulvia crankcase
Then it could all fit. However I would sit with an S1 car and a S2 starter. Can this be right ?
I know the 1.6 HF used some S2 components in 1969 and some of them may be used in the GTE.
the partsbook is not very clear about it. Somewhere I am making a mistake, but where ?
Any Clue would be most appreciated.
Thank you in the name of the old lady
Lancia Fulvia GTE
Thanks to the help of Adan Figuera from we found the problem:
Lancia Fulvia clutch
the left disk was in the car for years mounted on the 5 speed engine. The right disk however is flat, and can therefore be fitted to the dished S1 flywheel. On closer inspection even the splint is not identical but 2mm bigger, so the left plate may not be lancia at all. Wonder how in ran for 20 years .....
Lancia Fulvia clutch
Here you can see the the left splint is slightly larger ( but does fit ).
So now we can fit the right one, and all will be fine.
While on the subject: The release bearing: For this car we will use the S1 release bearing no problem.
But for the later cars with the Fiat/Valeo diaphragm clutch, there is a different release bearing.
You get two sizes
68 mm:  fits Gamma and early S2 Fulvia models
65 mm:  fits  Fiat 124  and maybe later s2 model , even Montecarlo and Beta VX?  Cant verify, as no old sample left.
Lancia Fulvia release bearing
Fabio Urasinis take on matters:
To fix the assembly without going mad, you can use the flywheel cup of the first set, modify it by cutting the protruding part on a lathe and making it as one of the Fulvia second series.
Buy the pressure plate diaphragm type Fiat 200 Ø remember that you turning the outside of the pressure plate which is fixed to the flywheel, as the pinion of the starter motor does not run free on the ring gear.
Cavalitto of Turin (old Lancia spares) sells a disc but with modern quarries correct exchange GTE, it is not as thick as the F & S for which there is between the flywheel and pressure plate.
You need to use the pad thrust bearing of the Fulvia second series (five speed).
At this point you can safely use the engine to the gearbox flange anchor, original engine 818 302 and the starter motor Bosch in the first series.
I sent some photos to another email, however the correct engine for GTE and that of the coupe rally S, ie 818 302.
In my GTE, I mounted a diaphragm clutch type Fiat with a disc Ø 200 purchased from Cavalitto of Turin, the disc has the right to the hollow shaft of the gearbox 818 310 however has a thickness reduced accordingly turning the flywheel first series in a second series, ie the protruding cutting lathe, puncturing it and applying the feedback pins Valeo pressure plate.
Please note that you need to reduce the diameter of the pressure plate at the point where it is attached to the flywheel !!
if you do not perform this reduction pinion of the starter motor does not run on the flywheel ring gear ....
You must use the thrust bearing of the Fulvia second series 5-speed transmission.
On the outside you do not see any changes, the flange is the original marked 818 302 and the Bosch motor is small in the first series.
I hope I was clear ....
The correct setting is the one with the clutch disc damper with big, flywheel and pressure plate spring washers ...
Lancia Fulvia flywheel Lancia Fulvia engine

A tutti,

In those days it was quite common for a young boy to remain silent when the big men were discussing football and cars. Nowadays the football subject is better avoided and cars are put together like if they are iPhones with wheels.

Being a grey man myself these days I spend at least six days per week taking the cars my father bought new apart, with the help of my much younger son. Even though we sometimes think we have seen every item listed in the parts catalogs, we now must admit Lancia produced some very weird hybrids.

To continue that spirit we have just mated a five speed 2000HF gearbox to a highly tuned 1800 engine. If I would publish the pictures we took while preparing this conversion it would resemble the shot-list of the GTE.

Now we did this on purpose. But studying the years the Fulvia's were built

- 1960-1970's - you will find some very interesting read on the internet explaining the workers and student strikes in Turin. Look for:
Class struggle in Italy and

One can image why the old men I had to listen to always ended their red headed discussions being clear about two rules: never buy a car that was put together on a monday morning - and secondly - don't be surprised if that rattle in your sill is caused by a bit of tooling someone put there.

Kind regards,

Paul van den Berg from Vere Lancia

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