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Lancia Auto SA CC: Parts Ersatzteile Ricambi
Lancia Auto SA CC: Parts Ersatzteile Ricambi
Lancia Auto SA CC: Parts Ersatzteile Ricambi   These are the transport options that are currently activated Lancia Auto SA CC / Parts / Ersatzteile / Ricambi
Lancia Auto SA CC / Parts / Ersatzteile / Ricambi

Please note the following:

  • Unlike commonly assumed the mail-order merchant is not liable for the transportation of the goods to the client.
  • The client instructs the mail-order merchant to entrust a specified shipping company to transport the goods to him.
  • As soon as the merchant has handed over the goods to the transport company and has obtained a valid tracking number, he has fulfilled his obligation to the client.
  • The merchant undertakes to instruct the transport company, bring the goods to their offices and handle the payment of the transport company at no charge to the client. If at all possible all shipment are insured to the maximum applicable value. In case of a loss, the merchant undertakes to handle the insurance claim at no charge.
  • On the same token, the merchant is not liable for the performance or the lack thereof of the transport company.
  • The buyer is liable to make the necessary arrangement for delivery with the transport company at his end. We are very well aware that the above is contrary to popular believe that is nourished by the likes of PayPal and EBay. We have to date however not found any basis is applicable law. The maybe certain consumer protection laws in individual countries, which however are not valid in international trade.

    National Post offices:

    A Post office is a public institution, as it provides basic services to citizens. In most countries it is a statutory institution. The post office is considerably cheaper then a private courier company however:
  • The delivery times are considerably longer
  • There is no tracking whatsoever while is passes from one country to another.
  • It is not possible to cancel a parcel once it has been send.
  • Any claims go the way of any government burocracy, and that is extremely slow.
  • While taking advantage of the low prices you are considered to have accepted all of the above.. Other mail-order merchants will say the same: e.g. Fiat Plus
    We are often asked by clients to recover their missing parcel from the post office. This can be done in on of the following ways:
  • Break into the national mailcenter at night, which can hold up to a million parcels and find the clients parcel with a torch light. then pass it over to a private courier.
  • Approach a court for an interdict to the relevant government ministry to surrender the package. Common sense will tell you that both routes are not viable. A lot of our day is spend pointing out the above in many email. Hence it is now summarized on one page.
  • While the same liability issues apply with private couriers like UPS or DHL, you will hardly ever have to worry about it, as in 99% of cases your goods will arrive in a few days, and the courier company will run after you to make sure you get your goods. For that service it is viable to pay the extra price.


    As the international tourism has collapsed, there are hardly any planes in the air. As a consequence airfreight space sells at a premium, and those few flights are booked out by commercial forwarders at a premium price. There is little left for the post office, as then are bound by law to a certain price. subsequently the parcel are all piled up the Cape town and Johannesburg mailcenters. The situation will only improve once international travel resumes.

    What can I do as a client?

    The natural reaction is to threaten and badmouth the mail-order provider, like the examples below:

  • "Please sort this out quickly as I am about ready to tell my tale of wow to the UK Lancia community"
  • "If I don't get my money as soon as possible, I'll take care of a very bad commercial about your business!"

    While this may vent your frustration, it will not get your parts or your money. If you need the part urgently, you can either order it again from us and use a private courier or get it from another source whatever is more suitable. If your original package eventually arrives, you can return it to us for a refund. In order to minimize postage costs you can send it to a collection pint in Germany, and we will pay for the forwarding to South Africa. Should the package not appear at all, we will whereever possible file an insurance claim and forward the funds to your once the claim is paid out.

    Name Phone Email Web Notes
    Citi-Sprint CC021 511 for local deliveries within Cape Town
    Collivery0716781127 is our courier for local South African deliveries
    Expedited Mail Service+27 21 is a courier service run by the Post office. In how far this is superior to a normal airmail is debatable, but they provide a proper waybill
    Post Office27 (0) Up to 4 weeks Surface mail: Up to 3 month Only then we can start enquiry.
    Send&Receive Courier+27 (0) 63 702
    UPS021 555 tracking available on their website.

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